4 Tips for Developing Waterfront Properties in Cold Cities

Jun 6, 2015

Canada has a few cold cities. For the past 4 decades, North American city planners have been seeking ways to redevelop waterfront property so they are desirable places to be, regardless of winter conditions.Here are four ideas that have come up:

  1. Use that winter sun – capitalizing on the limited sunlight in the winter is a great way to make a space that people want to hang out at.
  2. Block the wind – provide protection by developing plazas that actually shield from cold drafts with creative street patterns and buildings.
  3. Create comfort stations – break up outdoor stretches with small destinations for people every minute or so along the way.
  4. Design for winter activities – plan for winter activities, like skating or hockey, so that spaces are just as usable and attractive for people as they are in the summer.

For some examples of these in practice in cities, visit Building Design + Construction Magazine