Apr 18, 2015

This year, the average price of a Vancouver home surpassed $1-million. Local politicians are still discussing a vacancy tax that targets foreign investment, but even if such an act passes, it is unlikely to make a meaningful impact on the market. The problem most locals take issue with is that middle-class citizens cannot afford to buy in Vancouver.

On March 18th, Evaline Xia tweeted “To thrive, does @CityofVancouver not need people like you and me? #Donthave1million #VancouverNeedsUs” along with a photo of herself, her job title, and her age. She urged others to post the same type of photo about themselves. The issue is close to the hearts of middle-class Millennials in Vancouver and the Twitter campaign has seen viral success.

In an interview with Metro News she said, “If you look at other cities, other countries where locals are being pushed out, they have done something about it. Do we want a city hollowed out of the middle class?” ask Xia.

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