Draft the Perfect OOO Email Reply for Your Vacation

Oct 16, 2015

Westin Hotels think you should go on vacation more often. They have capitalized on the trend of online content generators (remember the Hipster Business Name generator and the Badass Advertising Job Titles generator?) to engage the target market in a meaningful way and get the message across: go on vacation once in awhile (and stay at the Westin). They did this by creating an “out of office” email reply generator that anyone can customize to their trip, while getting a good laugh.

It works like this: plug in your name, vacation dates, what type of destination you’re going to, and the email address of the colleague who takes care of your affairs while you are gone. The generator provides a selection of hilarious, custom messages for you to choose from. They have even gone so far as to provide a video to accompany each email, read by a narrator, so you can share it to your social platforms. Genius. Now all your friends are engaging with Westin Hotels.

Source: Adweek