Futuristic Technology-Driven Condo Design

Jun 4, 2015

Real estate developers are beginning to collaborate with architects and manufacturers to devise and integrate technologies that make life easier and safer at home. People can already text their refrigerators for an inventory of the contents.Some other useful ideas that are starting to be applied include:

  • self-healing paint – imagine that. You scratch the wall, the paint fixes itself. Some versions are already on the market

  • solar panel windows – each window in your home could be a mini power generator

  • intelligent elevators – instead of using lights and fans constantly, what about saving energy and applying these only when in use? Additionally, some intuitive elevators use gps instead of buttons and can determine what floor you need to go to, or be ready on the ground floor when you arrive

  • car-charging stations – developers are pre-wiring their underground lots these days to make way for the movement toward electric cars

These are a few ideas highlighted by Metro News

What other technology have you seen? Or what would you want in your home? Leave your comment!