Google’s Six Epic Data-based Insights into Home-buying

May 24, 2015

What can keyword searches tell us about home-buyer patterns? Data should be the main driving force behind any marketing decision. Who could answer that better than Google? Here are some insights based on data they collected last year:

  • Summer is home-buying season – searches peak in July, and consumers who are moving face a major life change. This means they are prone to adapting shopping habits and shifting brand loyalties too, depending on why they are buying a home. Retiring? Having children? This provides a very clear opportunity for marketers to capture new audiences.

  • Millennials are reaching the purchase age, and are twice as likely to buy within the next 2 years as Generation X. Pay attention to their different priorities, such as neighbourhood and immediate high-speed internet accessibility.

  • Buyers are increasingly using mobile devices to search. Topics they research on mobile include listing searches, getting directions, contacting agents, YouTube home tour videos, and mortgage calculators. And they don’t just use mobile when they are out, they use tablets, laptops and smartphones while at home, meaning searches through these sources increased by 19% YOY while desktop searches stayed the same. This is a clear indicator that marketers, developers and agents must optimize for mobile if they hope to keep up! Specifically, ensure location extension or click-to call is set up.

  • More buyers are interested in mobile homes. Searches for lofts or townhouses have decreased, and this “small home” trend is likely driven by the desire for financial freedom. This is something marketers should be aware of; even if mobile homes are not specifically what they offer, focus on solving the problem behind that query from the buyer.

  • Buyers are already dreaming about how they will design their interiors. Home-buyers are 4x as likely to conduct searches related to interior design (compared to non-purchasers.) Developers can capitalize on this behaviour by watching what buyers search for and incorporating some of those things into designs.

  • Decorators want unique, vintage pieces for their homes. Their homes are another way to express individuality. What about offering cross-promotions to these buyers? A DIY furniture refinishing class? A referral to or gift from a local supplier? Or leverage relationship-selling – take them to some yard sales in the neighbourhood they want to buy in, or a flea market nearby.

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