Holy ****! Instagram Already Has 200,000 Advertisers

Just last year, Instagram announced the new business model: the inclusion of mobile advertising. So what key moves have they made to reach 200,000 advertisers?

The formats have attracted big names and small advertisers alike. Of course, Facebook encourages marketers to run paid promos on both Facebook and Instagram. This also boosts both engagement and ad recall.

Instagram continues to monitor ads very closely, to ensure quality. Companies are challenged to create compelling content that suits the platform. After all, users are very discerning about what they want to see, and will provide feedback as to whether an ad is relevant or not. This is money well spent for advertisers; relevant ads always perform better.

Source: Adweek

Draft the Perfect OOO Email Reply for Your Vacation

Westin Hotels think you should go on vacation more often. They have capitalized on the trend of online content generators (remember the Hipster Business Name generator and the Badass Advertising Job Titles generator?) to engage the target market in a meaningful way and get the message across: go on vacation once in awhile (and stay at the Westin). They did this by creating an “out of office” email reply generator that anyone can customize to their trip, while getting a good laugh. (more…)

Your Next Online Shopping Spree: Real Estate?

BuzzBuzzHome is a Canadian real estate search website that plans to feature a “Buy Now” button allowing allow online shoppers to buy a new or pre- construction home. They can do all of this with a credit card, without an agent or physical paperwork. The options will be limited to developers who wish to have their properties for sale online. (more…)

Visualizing Helps Millennials with Buying Decisions

Image source: The Interactive Abode

As Millennials enter the real estate market, developers seek new ways to successfully reach out to this segment of buyers. Since Generation Y is so oriented toward visual content, understanding what a potential home offers is difficult when a floorplan is the only visual tool. (more…)

Google’s Six Epic Data-based Insights into Home-buying

What can keyword searches tell us about home-buyer patterns? Data should be the main driving force behind any marketing decision. Who could answer that better than Google? Here are some insights based on data they collected last year: (more…)