The Stuff of Legends


As human beings, we have a basic, primal need for great storytelling. We daydream our entire existence, telling ourselves fundamental stories about who we are and what our lives should look like. From the oral traditions of old to the social media profusion of today, it seems our brains are hardwired for a good story.

As a full-service branding and marketing consultancy, we at Verv are well versed in the crucial need for storytelling. We strongly believe in the in the marriage of art and science, merging populations and narratives, market segments and stories. We use the numbers, research and science to ascertain the culture of a market segment. Then, we use our experiences and skills to artfully create stories that hold mirrors to those cultures. For each project, we aim to create content-based stories that connect with prospects at an intellectual and emotional level.

Buyers are cynical. Nobody wants to be sold to. Buyers are also able to curate the messages that reach them each day, holding on to only the most relevant. This creates an enormous opportunity for “intellectually connective content” that is highly effective. When we create the right content for the right audience, the results are amazing.

Intellectually connective content is content that is…

  • Welcoming and engaging, allowing the potential buyer to connect with the story.
  • Defining and validating, creating an experiential event for the potential buyer.
  • Hyper-sharable, encouraging potential buyers to spread the word.
  • Emotional and evocative, inciting buyers to action.

Verv offers a different level of service. We have some great brains here that allow us to take the old “idea agency → production agency” model and flip it on its head. We develop in-house strategy, ideation, storytelling, content creation, digital distribution and analytics; creating intellectually connective content for digital, social, television, even live activation and events. And all with one imaginative team.

Our goal is to create stirring, remarkable content that meets that instinctual human need for a great story, making your project the stuff of legends.

On that note, for those who remember the great Trump brand and campaign we came up with, keep your radar locked on Foster Martin, a  really cool project that we’ve been toiling away on with Fifth Ave  and Landmark Developments. It’s going to be legendary.

Why Do We Only Do Real Estate?


Verv Projects is a collective of individuals who have specialized in real estate marketing for many years. While our roots and backgrounds are diverse, the common thread that ties together our kick-ass team is the branding, marketing and selling of property. Our greatest feats have been in the areas of residential, rental, industrial, commercial and recreational real estate over the past 11 years.

Residing in a city with one of the hottest housing markets in the world, it’s no surprise that we wanted to join the “cool” kids and showcase our talents in the industry. In doing so, we’ve had the opportunity to create some unique and, in our opinion, downright sexy campaigns for some of the biggest local real estate influencers and largest players across Western Canada and the United States.

Let’s just say we don’t plan to start promoting the newest gluten-free cereal or the hottest local restaurant on the block. (Unless, of course, either of these could help our clients sell more units!) We eat, breathe and sleep real estate. It is what we are great at, and why we create exceptional value for those we work with. If you want to market your cereal, we’re probably not your go-to. But real estate? Go with the specialists. We got this.

We have worked in several different real estate markets over the years… the searing hot markets in which product is gone faster than you can list it, and the cooler markets in which sales occur at a much slower pace. No matter the circumstances, each has excited and challenged us. Each has provided yet another case study and increased our knowledge base working within the industry.

Real estate might be our focus, but part of what we love about this business is that it’s not just buildings we are marketing: these are people’s homes. Everybody needs a place to call home, and we are privileged to participate in helping home-seekers find the perfect place to hang their hats.

What’s the future of Verv? We will continue to make our mark on the world of real estate by creating exciting, engaging content and strategy that compels our clients and their customers alike. We’ll nimbly navigate the evolving digital landscape and ever-changing consumer behaviours. And of course, we will continue to feed our passion for real estate in varied, always fascinating markets. Alas, no gluten-free cereal!

Buildings That are Aware of People and Weather

“Intelligent” buildings are more efficient; they cut costs and use less energy in the long run as all systems begin to share data and adapt to factors and conditions. Sustainable infrastructure, meet the “Internet of Things”!

An intelligent building becomes a self-optimizing system. Tenants do not adapt to their new building, rather, it adapts to them. Understanding how residents use the interior space and measuring the weather outside helps the building system learn not only to react, but eventually, to anticipate. For instance, camera and motion sensor data can be connected and integrated so that heating/cooling systems can regulate temperatures when rooms are typically in use or even particularly crowded. Later, when new tenants with new habits move in, there is no need for reprogramming systems because they will automatically adapt.

The automatic regulation is based on predictions from data analysis, and benefits include reduced costs, comfortable residents, and a smaller carbon footprint.

For the details, visit GreenBiz.

The Marketing it Takes to Put a City on the Map

Ever been to Serena del Mar? Probably not, because it’s a Colombian city that hasn’t been built yet. Developers and masterplanners have come together with a vision to build a city neighbouring the old city of Cartegena, taking inspiration from the culture and heritage and integrating it playfully with modern architecture that honours nature and urban amenities (Much like Currie, just, you know, more tropical). The principles of social inclusion, environmental friendliness, and an enriched quality of life are woven through the plan. Chicago-based VSA Partners and Colombian consultancy Novus Civitas were challenged with defining a place that won’t be completed for at least 20 years.

The big idea? Dreams meet reality, shape the world around the land, and evolve alongside the earth.

The visual identity, inspired by the early vision of the project  is derived from “los morros”, a geographical feature of the land that includes the mountains and the ocean.

In Colombia, watercolour is a treasured art form so the logo often appears on a watercolour treated backdrop in application. The brand colour palette is both modern and indigenous to the region.

Check out the project video:

What’s the Next Strategic Move for Phoenix Developers?

Colliers International released an annual report on the Phoenix, AZ real estate market. Here are the highlights:

  • The market for office space in Phoenix improved year-over-year (YOY) as vacancies decrease and rents increase. This has prompted new construction.
  • The industrial market strengthened in the last quarter of 2015. Development of industrial space slowed in the second half of the year, then vacancy decreased due to a surge of absorption from a few major users.
  • Though the retail market was slower to recover than other sectors, vacancy rates still decreased YOY. Rents have started to increase following several years of annual decreases; the average asking price went up 3.4% in 2015.
  • The housing market will be the top driver of land sales, with single-family permits increasing through 2015 and into 2016. In fact, it is estimated that permitting of single-family homes will increase by at least 40% YOY in 2016. The price of a new home has remained steady.
  • Even though multifamily permits decreased in 2015, they are expected to bounce back in 2016, simply due to timing. Those who bought sites in 2015 will now begin seeking permits in Q1 and Q2 of 2016. Densities will increase, but prices will remain steady based on pricing per unit.

So how do developers react strategically this year?

Density is one consideration; higher densities provide more value for the developers in many cases. Location is another major deciding factor of opportunities. The strengthening of the local housing market and employment outlook means land sales in Phoenix will continue to accelerate in 2016.

For the whole story, visit