What Makes a Condo the Right Home for a Family?

A growing number of families are considering condos over single-detached homes, due to rising housing prices in certain Canadian markets. Developers are responding to the growing demand by building family-friendly condominiums. So what constitutes as a family-friendly condo?

Number one: appeal to parents with young children. Builders make bedrooms smaller and increase family living space and closet sizes (where do they keep those seasonal jackets, sports equipment, and musical instruments?). They create family-centric amenities like indoor play rooms, splash pads, or daycare centres on site.

And families need neighbourhoods. They need parks, playgrounds, and streets they can walk. Services like dentists, doctors, transit, and schools are strong magnets for families to buy.

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First-time Home-buyers Just Want a 3-million Sq.ft. Living Room

Micro-spaces have been gaining popularity across Canada. This type of condo offers two unique features to buyers: affordability and the shift from private living space to public living space. People who buy them are willing to use the city and its amenities instead of ‘gaining status’ in order to afford purchasing. Because of this, micro-units attract Baby Boomers who are downsizing, students, and investors who seek to capitalize on the trend. (more…)