The Stuff of Legends


As human beings, we have a basic, primal need for great storytelling. We daydream our entire existence, telling ourselves fundamental stories about who we are and what our lives should look like. From the oral traditions of old to the social media profusion of today, it seems our brains are hardwired for a good story.

As a full-service branding and marketing consultancy, we at Verv are well versed in the crucial need for storytelling. We strongly believe in the in the marriage of art and science, merging populations and narratives, market segments and stories. We use the numbers, research and science to ascertain the culture of a market segment. Then, we use our experiences and skills to artfully create stories that hold mirrors to those cultures. For each project, we aim to create content-based stories that connect with prospects at an intellectual and emotional level.

Buyers are cynical. Nobody wants to be sold to. Buyers are also able to curate the messages that reach them each day, holding on to only the most relevant. This creates an enormous opportunity for “intellectually connective content” that is highly effective. When we create the right content for the right audience, the results are amazing.

Intellectually connective content is content that is…

  • Welcoming and engaging, allowing the potential buyer to connect with the story.
  • Defining and validating, creating an experiential event for the potential buyer.
  • Hyper-sharable, encouraging potential buyers to spread the word.
  • Emotional and evocative, inciting buyers to action.

Verv offers a different level of service. We have some great brains here that allow us to take the old “idea agency → production agency” model and flip it on its head. We develop in-house strategy, ideation, storytelling, content creation, digital distribution and analytics; creating intellectually connective content for digital, social, television, even live activation and events. And all with one imaginative team.

Our goal is to create stirring, remarkable content that meets that instinctual human need for a great story, making your project the stuff of legends.

On that note, for those who remember the great Trump brand and campaign we came up with, keep your radar locked on Foster Martin, a  really cool project that we’ve been toiling away on with Fifth Ave  and Landmark Developments. It’s going to be legendary.