The Point of Specialization


We’re willing to bet that in your profession, you are well-informed about your industry in general, but particularly proficient when it comes to key segments of that industry. Your expertise in that specific area sets you apart from the rest, and makes you a success.

“Specialization” has business, finance, scientific and even biological implications. In every sense of the word, specialization means improving upon specific processes, efficiencies, and results. Doctors are probably the best example: their specializations make them deeply knowledgeable, highly trained medical professionals you would trust with your most important problems in those specific areas. Think about it: if your daughter had a medical issue, would you want her to go see your family doctor (General Practitioner), or would you find the best damn expert in town? The specialist wins out, every time.

At Verv Projects, we believe that specialization is the key. As an award-winning, full-service marketing and branding consultancy, we have a great deal of knowledge about what we do. But we choose to focus specifically on real estate marketing.

That means we know this industry inside and out. It means we understand your struggles, your challenges, and your dilemmas. We celebrate your triumphs – and study them. We are intimately familiar with your target markets. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps most important, we know when, where and how to push the proverbial envelope to create meaningful, measurably effective campaigns. After all, we have done just that for some of the biggest real estate players and influencers across Western Canada and the United States. And we’ll continue to do so.

Combining data-driven strategy (the science of real estate marketing) with world-class brands and collateral (the inestimable art of real estate marketing), we create campaigns that drive results, always keeping the homeowner identity and the importance of “home” top of mind.

We work with our clients to garner unique insights into each project, and employ powerfully emotive storytelling to invite potential buyers into the mystique of making this major life decision.

As real estate marketing specialists, that’s what we do. It’s what we’re great at. You wouldn’t trust your daughter to any old doctor – well, your business is your baby, too. Call a specialist!

Verv Projects.
We know real estate.