Visualizing Helps Millennials with Buying Decisions

Sep 5, 2015

Image source: The Interactive Abode

As Millennials enter the real estate market, developers seek new ways to successfully reach out to this segment of buyers. Since Generation Y is so oriented toward visual content, understanding what a potential home offers is difficult when a floorplan is the only visual tool.

Jenna Siciliano and Mohit Sud launched The Interactive Abode to provide Millennials with a tool for virtually touring, customizing and decorating their potential homes. Developers who are technologically advanced set themselves apart from the competition, especially for Millennials. The program offers opportunities for selling custom upgrades in a new development. To top it all off, everything created within the The Interactive Abode is sharable online and can be accessed anywhere.

According to Siciliano, “It’s very hard to sell a product you can’t see, and I think more and more builders are now realizing that.”

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