You Test-Drive a Car, But You Should Test-Live a Home Too

Jun 19, 2015

The Carrington Group recommends you do that at Edmonton’s Bedrock Homes in one of their 28 show suites. They’ve created a booklet with a checklist for registrants to go through when they visit the suites to ensure everything feels like it should at home. No, you don’t actually stay overnight or cook a meal(although the plumbing should be set up, in theory). But you can go through a detailed list that prompts thinking about all the items that you might not remember right off the top. Some items inlcude:

  • Can you fit comfortably in the bathtub?
  • Is there room on the kitchen counter for your small appliances?
  • Will there be room for everyone to sit at a dining room table?
  • Will your existing furniture fit down the stairs?
  • Will your vehicle fit in the allotted space?

You can download a copy of your “Test-Live Your Next Home” booklet on the Bedrock Homes site.